Another lovely vintage find! I am so in love with this table I scored a few months ago during one of my vintage runs. I was like a kid jumping up and down in a candy store when I spotted it from a thousand feet away. I had to have it and told the manager I was purchasing it even before I asked for the tag price. The wonderful thing about it aside from the gorgeous details? It's not just a table. After examining it, I found out it was hiding something I've been meaning to buy - a sewing machine! That's right - not only would it be a lovely nightstand or dresser... it was also the perfect craft room essential. Up until now I've been hand sewing all my projects. Yes, even my Natalie's cupcake and Chanel costumes! Another great thing? It still actually works! Nothing excites me more than something beautiful, vintage, and functional.

I have a little inspiration shoot lined up because of this piece! For now, here's a mini styled backyard shoot featuring a lovely ranunculus arrangement in one of my vintage milk glass vases and silver compote.

Special shout out to my brother Will for assisting me with this shoot! :P