My my my my...... one year just flew by! A year ago today, this blog was born. I didn't realize it then, but it was the start of something wonderful. Aside from it being a great marketing tool for the studio, it was the perfect outlet.  I needed a little spot in my crazy world where I could go all-out and talk about my ideas and projects as well as share anything beautiful and inspirational. 

What I didn't realize then was that this little blog would end up being the perfect classroom. I can't tell you how much I've learned. It's challenged me and kept me on my toes. Technically speaking - I've taught myself basic html, photography, and I've kept myself up to date with all the design programs. Throughout the year I set up shoots for this blog that are somewhat like "exercises" in design and prove to be great practice in terms of styling and exploring beyond what's comfortable. It's also my personal "progress report"- where I can view what areas in my projects could be improved. Not to mention - I've brushed up on grammar and spelling. Writing is not one of my strongest skills. 

Here's a mini cake/styled shoot I created in honor of this blog! 

As usual I had to improvise due to lack of time - the actual "cake" is plastic, which I then frosted to the right size and shape before adding the ruffles. The TJD blog birthday cake wouldn't be complete without flowers. I used some natural and gold balsa wood flowers clustered on top - quick topper! I've been dying to get back in the kitchen and work with sugar. I've decorated a ton of cupcakes and cookies, but this is my first cake. A few months back, I fell in love with an image of a ruffly layered wedding cake - it's been in the back of my mind ever since. Today I taught myself how to pipe those ribbons and it turned out pretty..... sweet!

Today's post is a perfect example of how this blog keeps me going. I could have just said "Happy blog birthday", found a random photo of a cake and slapped it on this page. But no, that's just not how I do things. This blog is a big part of TJD and just like every project I take on - it deserves nothing but the best from me. 

Thanks to everyone that shared their love and support for this blog  and TJD this past year! I draw a lot of inspiration from you!

Cake decor design, shoot styling, photography and graphic layout by Therese