It's that time of the year again! The ultimate dress-up day - Halloween! I'm continuing the tradition of creating DIY costumes for my little one. Here are the two past year's:

2009 - Cupcake!

And for 2011- "The only Birkin Victoria Beckham can't add to her collection"

Building the Birkin:
I have gotten a ton of emails from people asking if I could sell these or give them tips on how to make them. People, I do this as a hobby and craft activity that I enjoy. I'm really sorry but these are not for sale! As for the DIY tutorials - these pieces are pretty much like "sculptures", and I myself have no clue how I get from point A to point B sometimes. I can provide you with a list of materials and a general idea, but the steps are pretty hard for me to explain (sorry, I'm just really horrible at giving instructions, period.). I don't use a pattern and basically just create as I go. 

Materials I used:
Pleather ($27 at Britex Fabrics)
Pleather purse handles ($12 at Britex Fabrics)
Old cardboard box (free)
Gold cardstock (Michael's.. one sheet leftover from last year's costume)
Gold Padlock & clasp (recycled from another purse)
Glue Gun
Needle and Thread

Here it is in progress:

My Baby Birkin:

Natalie loves the costume and had so much fun in it!
Happy Halloween from my little baby Birkin!!