I'm a sucker for great packaging! There's nothing like receiving something that was wonderfully put together - where the presentation is just as lovely as what's inside. The extra details count and make the recipient feel extra special. Ever since I was little, I've been enamored with boxes, bows, ties, bags, wrappers, and adornments. I would take on the challenge of designing and wrapping all of my mom's holiday presents - from her baked goodies to friends to corporate give-aways for the family business. 

When a client recently asked me to design a couple of welcome gifts for friends, I was over the moon excited to come up with something fun, modern, and thoughtful. She was planning to host a few of her closest friends over at her San Francisco vacation home  and wanted to greet them with personalized gift bags. We came up with "Warm Welcome" kits filled with local heart-warming SF goodies : chocolate tea, sea salt and turbinado sugar covered almonds, and a pair of "conversation" chalkboard mugs...all perfect for the chilly fall weather. I kept things clean and simple - using a shiny white flip-top box (which folds flat for travel), created custom SF-inspired tags and cards, sketched some golden gates on the mugs, and wrapped it all up with a simple black  grosgrain ribbon. 

Wishing you a cuddly cozy almost-thanksgiving weekend! I hope this inspires you to create some unique and fun presents for friends and family this year.