Shopping with a budget in mind means it makes finding that perfect piece so much more difficult. I can go out and spend $1200 on a perfect pair of leather pants made from the best materials and immaculate construction - but that would be too easy and too tough on my wallet. I was born with this knack to make things more difficult for myself because I enjoy the hunt - that high out of getting something sooo good for so much less. Also, I don't tend to spend a lot on clothing. (Shoes and bags are the only exceptions to my bargain hunting ways.)

Last year I searched high and low for real leather leggings at or below the $500 range (the faux ones were just not cutting it for me) . You must know that that's pretty much like searching for a unicorn. I missed the boat on the ones Zara had for $399 (that lasted in the stores for like 3 seconds). Then one day I hit the jackpot and found a pair of Milly pants at Nordstrom Rack- loved the price so much I just got them, but the fit is really too loose (they're now for sale in my Poshmark closet). Then, I scored a pair by Theory at the Barney's outlet - much better, but the fit is more like a slim pant than skinny. And they're just a bit too long - still a love though!  I wear them a lot (just tuck the ends under to crop them). Unconsciously I've still been hunting down my dream leggings.

Finally...found! Search is over. I can finally walk past a leather pant without trying them on. SO happy. I'll be alternating between these and the Theory's all year long. Madwell's fit is amazing, and the leather is buttery soft and stretchy. Not to mention it's the perfect length. All for $550. Ok, a little above my intended budget, but trust me this is the best deal for the fit and quality you will find. Ever. 

In awe that I just wrote a 500-word essay on leggings. Worth it. Trust me. Get them here.