We all have our fair share of off days each month. Those days you feel an overwhelming lack of creativity, energy or excitement to do anything - even dress up. If I wore what I felt like today, it would have "tired...exhausted...in need of a massage" written all over it. I find that the best remedy for that is to actually fight the urge to step out in those sweatpants, and put on something that makes me feel amazing. For me, they are simple and classic pieces. Over the years I've stocked up on essentials (by now you must know I primarily wear black, white and gray) that don't require much thought and effortlessly pair well with each other. So when those moments kick in,  I can take a step back, close my eyes, and just grab a few of my favorite things:

An oversized white button-up
I love these shirts so much I bought a handful. Soft, lightweight cotton in a borrowed-from-the-boys fit. More often than not, these amazing bargain finds are even more special to me than something priced 100x more. Forever 21 top here.

Dark skinny jeans
Super soft, stretchy, and supremely flattering J Brand super skinnies make for one happy mama.

Comfortable black heels
These affordable 2 inch-high pointy suede pumps were a steal at HM. Similar here.

Cozy scarf
Loved the softness and feel of this camel colored scarf  from HM. Similar here.

Whether its to hide a bad hair day, or bags under my eyes - a good hat or cap is essential. Forever 21 wool cap.

Leather Tote
My Cuyana tote is perfect in every way. I can take it anywhere, wear it with everything, and rock it night and day.

This list is proof that closet staples don't need to cost an arm and a leg ;) Look beyond the tags, name brands, and sizes - you'll be surprised at how easy it is to shop for timeless favorites.

What are your go-to classic pieces? Thanks for dropping by!