The irony in my style is that despite being a girly-girl  (i.e. lover of dressing up, shopping, etc), I prefer minimalist and structured looks over frilly and extremely feminine pieces.  I feel my best in my jeans and pants - like I can move, get things done, and pretty much conquer the world. Now that the skirt silhouettes are less boho-chic and more streamlined, I thought I would give them a shot. I picked up this Celine-inspired one at Zara, and couldn't be more happy or at ease wearing it. It's perfectly feminine (with its subtle flare and movement) and structured at the same time. My type of skirt!

Sweater:  GAP  //  Skirt:  Zara  //  Heels:  Alexander Wang  //  Purse:  Celine  // 
Sunglasses: Celine  //  Lips: Chanel glossimer #04