Back to the daily grind, kind of. I am battling major jet lag at the moment after our Asian Maycation. Thankfully I planned ahead. Because it usually takes me at least one week to recover from traveling, I am taking a few days off before I head back to work. However,  I've still been busy - running errands (3 weeks worth!), attending to Natalie and her last few days of school, and nursing my poor hubby, who's been in and out of the hospital and clinics since our last two days in Japan (photos above actually taken at our hospital parking lot!). He's currently fighting a bad infection that resulted in minor surgery. At the moment he is doing great and is back at work. Praying he doesn't have any more complications and recovers quickly! 

On a lighter note.....Recently discovered: Lucy Paris. I scored this wrap skirt on sale at Bloomingdale's, and I have worn it almost every other day. That says a lot considering I am more comfortable in jeans or pants. The brand aesthetic is modern and feminine with a touch of edge - all at a very affordable price point. 

Thank you for dropping by! I hope you are having a fabulous week.


More Lucy Paris picks (all on sale):