Last September 2, 2014 my little girl turned six! I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Seems like just yesterday we threw her this adventure party. For her sixth celebration, it was a toss between a Frozen or Hello Kitty theme. I was surprised she eventually decided on Hello Kitty. I think she was ultimately influenced by our Japan trip earlier in the year - we brought back the cutest HK doll and her very own kimono.

I knew I wanted to keep her party simple and fuss-free, so we kept it intimate with just her girl friends and some family. Seesaw was the perfect venue in terms of capacity and aesthetics. The scandinavian decor and light filled space created the perfect backdrop. When deciding on the over-all look, I went with a modern Japanese tea party. Think Muji minimalism with a dash of Kawaii cuteness. A fresh take on Hello Kitty.

The color palette played up the traditional signature Hello Kitty reds and pinks, set against a lot of white and a clean modern setting. This year I focused on just a few details that doubled up as fun favors and activities, and had most of the food and drinks catered by the venue. 

The menu included tea sandwiches, sweet treats, raspberry tea for the girls, and mixers for the adults.We picked up some yummy macarons and petit fours at Trader Joe's (freezer section - my fave entertaining secret) and mini cupcakes at Whole Foods. My mom and I whipped up some easy home made desserts to add into the mix - rice krispy treats and butterscotch bars. 

I designed the invitations and paper goods, crafted up some candy bento boxes and styled a Japanese inspired table top with just enough pattern and a hint of Hello Kitty. My fave and biggest resource were some stationery and home goods shops in Japan town. Daiso has to be my favorite - I snagged some kaleidoscope kits (made for a great traditional Japanese activity), paper fan kits, fun origami paper, and lots of little bowls and chopsticks.

The girls had a blast creating their kaleidoscopes, decorating paper fans, and learning the art of origami ( hearts and Hello Kitty!). Natalie was the perfect little hostess, making sure everyone's cups were full and everyone was having a great time.

I think I'm getting much better at planning her parties - it gets easier, less stressful and actually more fun each year. Natalie and I enjoy all the prep work and quality time spent pulling it all together. 

VENUE: Seesaw San Francisco   |   TEA SANDWICHES, BEVERAGES AND FRUIT PLATTER: Seesaw San Francisco   |   INVITATIONS, STYLING, CRAFTS AND DESSERT: Therese Jacinto Design   |   BIRTHDAY CAKE: Coldstone Creamery  |   MACARONS AND PETIT FOURS: Trader Joe's (freezer section)   |   CUPCAKES: WholeFoods   |   CRAFT MATERIALS, TEA CUPS, ORIGAMI PAPER: Daiso Japan   |  ACRYLIC BENTO BOXES: Target (dollar section)   |   HELLO KITTY CHALK ART: Amanda Jacinto   |   NATALIE'S DRESS: Zara   |   KID'S TABLE: Ikea Lack coffee tables (scored on Craigslist!)

Photography: Jeremy and Therese Brady