One of the many things on my home wish list is to update our little kitchen. Right now it's got simple maple shaker cabinets and black granite - pretty standard in terms of what was cool eight to ten years ago. It was the last area that got attention during our home renovation.  I didn't have much say when it was refreshed, given we had to get it done in one week. We went with the most simple and in-stock materials and didn't change the layout to save time. I was nine months along with Natalie so my mind was on baby mode. After months of home updates, I just wanted the mess and people gone. 

Lately I've been busy collecting ideas and inspiration on Pinterest to see what simple, easy, and affordable cosmetic upgrades I could possibly DIY. This kitchen update by Suzanne Dimma is spot-on what I had in mind. Not only is it beautiful, practical, and carefully planned - they also wisely used both high and low solutions to achieve this dream space. And just like us, they did it in two phases. It's a mix of modern and timeless elegance filled with lots of light and warmth. I'm loving the layered look, all the thoughtful little details....and those rugs!!

Taking my cue from all these elements, here are a few things I think I can execute with a small budget and some DIY willpower:

1.Paint our upper cabinets. I initially wanted to paint all the cabinets one color, but seeing the contrast of colors and finishes has inspired me to go for the two-tone look.

2. Change out our cabinet knobs.

3. Create some open shelving above by removing some cabinet doors.

4. Change or add more interesting light fixtures and faucet.

5. Potentially (if we can expand our budget for the professional help I'll need) install Carrara marble counters and a waterfall edge to our island.This has always been a dream of mine. My mom had an all-white kitchen and I have always loved the clean classic look.

We'll see what we end up doing in the next few months! I'll be sure to share our update here.

The pictures above don't do it justice, so you have to view the video tour of this gorgeous kitchen here.

Photos and video via House and Home