Two things the hubby and I enjoy together: photography and traveling. We try to set aside time each year for either a series of small local trips or one grand vacation. It's our way to recharge and reconnect. Since we travel a lot, my closet is stocked with neutral essentials that pack well, resist wrinkling, and are easy to care for. We recently made our way up to Portland with some friends, and this was my go-to ensemble: the perfect leggings, a cashmere sweater, cozy coat, comfy sneakers, and a practical backpack. Easy and comfortable, yet I still felt polished. 

I'll be sharing more photos from Portland soon! I got this new camera just in time for the trip, and I'm thrilled with the ease-of-use, compact size, photo quality and the retro-styling. Hubby was a little skeptical on investing in a compact mirrorless system (he prefers our trusty DSLR's) , but even he is impressed!

Speaking of Going Places - This past year (or two, or three.. ) has been a whirlwind. Exciting..... chaotic........ and extremely challenging. Right now I'm going through a major career shift. It's February 29 - I'm taking a leap, on leap year (ha!). My education and career began with Interior Design, and over the years it has lead me to many opportunities. This blog for one, began as a voice for my design business. It has grown into a lifestyle destination and has become a pathway for me into the multi-faceted creative industry.

There's a big difference in being good at something, and loving what you do. The ideal career is a marriage between the two. I know I have a discerning eye and the skills to get things done. And  while I enjoyed working in the Interior Design and Event Styling industry, there was this constant thirst for something new and I felt I was on the hunt for a career that didn't quite exist yet. When you're walking down this path of uncertainty, the only thing you can do is keep going and make the most of what's around you. I really enjoy styling and photography. So I used this blog to hone my skills and challenge myself in those areas. And it has slowly but finally paid off.

Earlier this year, Modern Citizen asked me to join their team . I'll be creating content for them as well as running social media. I'm still in awe that a side project has now turned into an actual career. The biggest life lessons here? It's ok to divert from the original path. Sometimes you just have to create your own. The best way to find something truly rewarding is taking the long, hard taking risks, falling down, getting up and winding  up somewhere completely unexpected. 

Thrifted coat (similar here). Modern Citizen sweater and pants. Adidas sneakers. Mansur Gavriel backpack via Barneys. Christian Dior Sunglasses. FujiFilm camera and lens.