Over the past year or so, I've been on a mad hunt for the perfect non-stretch, original "vintage" denim. This stemmed from a desire to uncover a truly cool "mom jean" that a real mom can wear —without looking like an 80's mom (I know... it's complicated). Think 90's supermodel rather than stuck-in-a-decade-long-gone-momSearching for an authentic looking "vintage" beyond the thrift store felt next to impossible due to my fear of finding something I truly love and not being able to purchase an identical back-up (#problems). I was on a mission to shop from a dependable source, eliminating the hassle of thrifting and altering.

This one by Levi's is my current top pick. The fit, wash, cropped length and price point are all SO good. I literally did a happy dance after I discovered this perfect pair (it didn't require any alterations!). 

What I learned from this search: 
  • A high rise makes legs looks extra long, and are extremely flattering if it comes in a heavy weight, non-stretch denim. It lends a corset-effect and eliminates unsightly bulges!
  • A straight cut is slimming and gives off a true vintage vibe. 
  • A cropped length shows off the skinniest part of the leg and is extremely versatile — pair with anything from ankle boots to sandals.

With regards to fit, I am typically a size 24 or 25, and ended up getting the 25. A little tip: they stretch out slightly over time — they should be snug around the hips and waist (but not binding!).  Also, I am 5'4" and the crop on these are perfect. It may be a little too short for anyone 5'6" or taller.

LEVI'S Jeans  / UNIQLO Sweater (similar)  /  ATP ATELIER Sandals / HOBO Wristlet (c/o)

Below is my roundup of vintage-inspired jeans —worn and loved by me.
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