Sharing new and old beauty favorites that I can't live without. About 80% of my products are all-natural — I've slowly been transitioning to clean essentials to calm and soothe my extra-sensitive skin and I'm seeing amazing results. While I'm not a huge beauty buff, I like to explore and discover products that are healthy and offer multiple benefits. Keeping the daily routine simple and quick is always my goal. Fresh, dewy skin with minimal makeup and effortless hair are my go-to everyday looks. 

Natural Beauty Picks:
1. Herbivore Sea Mist  — Smells delicious, adds amazing texture for when I want to air-dry my hair.
2. RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up Concealer/Foundation in shade 22 — Perfect coverage with a natural finish.
3. Kosas Cosmetics lipsticks in Undone — Extra light, moisturizing formula with staying power in a universally flattering shade.

1. Nars Contour Blush — Adds dimension without the fuss. I love that it is talc free!
2. Glossier Super Bounce Serum — A skin saver during the winter months! Great layered with my daily moisturizer/sunscreen.
3. The Ouai Texturizing Spray — The perfect light hold hairspray that adds texture, for undone waves.

I'm currently testing out a whole bunch of natural skincare products (Oils! Serums! Cleansers!) and will be sure to share if I discover some new favorites! Thanks so much for dropping by.