Growing up in the 90's during the peak of fashion minimalism greatly influenced my personal style. I've been drawn to classic staples all my life — favoring simplicity and comfort over anything. The most memorable images that constantly inspire me are understated — think Cindy in her iconic Pepsi ad with the white tank top and blue jeans, or the cover of Vogue's 100th anniversary issue where all the supermodel greats dressed in crisp white shirts and white denim. Simplicity can be striking. This nonchalant elegance reflects a sense of confidence and ease that I constantly strive for. 

THE GREAT Tee (also have it in this color)  /  RE/DONE Jeans  /  TABITHA SIMMONS Flats  /  CHANEL Purse (found one on consignment here)  / CELINE Sunglasses (I've had my eye on this style)