Happy New Year! Finally interrupting the radio silence over here to say hello, and hope you're all having a wonderful start to 2018. I began the year with a long and thoughtful pause that I felt was necessary. 

Reflecting on the past, present and future of this blog is something that I've been wanting to do for quite some time. Nowadays it is so much easier to simply snap an amazing photo on my phone and share it via Instagram.  Writing copy, editing blog posts and monetizing it all takes so much more time and effort, it truly is a full time job keeping this space running. I've thought about focusing on just one platform, but at the end of the day this blog is a passion project I'd like to maintain. Similar to a physical workout, I find it necessary to exercise my creativity in more ways than one. While my IG account heavily focuses on visuals, this blog is a place where I can share more of my thoughts and play with words.

I created Craft And Couture to document and share my style journey — whether or not it got likes, follows or mentions. It was my personal creative outlet and I'd like to keep it that way — personal and authentic. My goal is to ease back into a rhythm of journaling that fits into my busy schedule and stays true to its roots. I'd like to get this blog on a path where I am excited to share again, rather than feel pressured to do so. 

Thank you so much for all the support throughout the years! You'll be seeing a flood of new posts soon, since I'll be catching up on a ton of content from last year. In the meantime, I'm sharing a few snaps from our family holiday in Lake Tahoe! Have a wonderful week ahead.