I’ve enjoyed sharing more insight into how I curate a conscious closet through smart investments over on IG these past few weeks. Decided to do more of that here in blog form so it doesn’t get buried in the sea of photos! I feel like its much easier to reference these kind of posts when they are searchable. Not to mention, I’d like to get back into a blogging rhythm. Writing has alway been so therapeutic for me and I think its time to work on sharpening my skills.

Kicking things off with a partnership I am thrilled to share! A reader asked last week how I shop for quality at an accessible price (beyond vintage/second hand). Such a great question and perfect timing since I’m working with The Outnet to show you exactly how I shop luxury for less. If there’s anything I love more than finding a great forever piece, it’s scoring it for a steal. Now I realize that “affordable” is a relative term and some prices may still feel out of reach. Just remember that it’s better to save then invest in one quality item vs buying a lot of poorly made stuff. Style over stuff, always. 

The Outnet has been my not-so-secret secret when it comes to scoring discounted designer goods. It’s  Net-A-Porter’s clearance outlet, so you’ll find that they carry the same range of designers and the customer service is top notch. So many of my most loved pieces were purchased at The Outnet over the years — like the Rejina Pyo trench coat I’m wearing above. The app by far is my fave way to shop since I can quickly add things I’m eyeing to my wishlist when I’m on the go. Wishlists are a great tool for shopping smart since it’s essentially a curated list that I can browse through when I find the need to purchase something. Shopping my wishlists reduces the risk of making non-essential purchases (you know what I mean). It’s so easy to fall into the “but its on sale, I have to buy it” trap, so saving what I like and waiting for the right time to click “add to cart” is key. It’s also a great way to keep an eye on further discounts, and see if something is back in stock. Another smart feature on their site/app is I can select my fave designers so I can effortlessly browse new arrivals from only the brands I love. Here for the efficiency!

Sharing a bunch of items that are on my wishlist right now. The Outnet has so generously offered my followers a 20% discount (excludes new arrivals or must-haves) with code THERESE20 (expires 9/2/2021). Hope you all have a great week ahead!

This post was created in partnership with 

The Outnet.