How we move between spaces is an important factor to consider when designing a new floor plan or decorating. The experience of transitioning from one area to another is prime opportunity to create moments that inspire, relax and bring joy. In the case of our freshly renovated primary suite, what was once a simple square box of a room with an entry door on one side, and a door to a bathroom on another is now an inviting space with interesting pockets or “zones” for living, designed to offer seamless transitions between everyday rituals. When moving from the large open area of the bedroom and into our bath, this mini hall sets an intimate path that draws you in. On the right, closets filled with daily clothing essentials blend into the wall. My vanity (also known as my self care station) is a focal point at the end. A wash of sunlight pouring in hints to our en-suite on the left. 

This area was a joy to design and is a delight to experience throughout the day. It’s an incredibly tight spot however we turned it into a highly functional design feature with practical storage, layers of textures, and natural elements. The Calacatta Monet marble is one of my favorite details and was a true labor of love to incorporate considering our budget and construction constraints. So thrilled it all worked out. After weeks of paint testing we landed on Color Atelier Limewash paint in Wabi to bathe the walls and doors. The finish gives off a muted, cloud-like texture with depth and time-worn appeal. We continued the soothing neutral color into the bath but in a limestone plaster. The vintage French stool was a 1stDibs find, and the vanity sconces were a budget score. 

The finishing touch that pulls it all together is this Sahara Nook Rug kindly gifted by Armadillo. It adds a striking contrast that defines and grounds the space, while also lending a sense of softness and serenity. When it comes to designing spaces that are simple yet striking, materiality plays a key role. Adding layers of soft texture adds that much-needed interest and rugs are a fun element to lean on. 

Not all jute rugs are created equal and I was blown away by the super thick knit-like texture and quality. Definitely something to keep and cherish for many years. Even hubby noticed and mentioned he loved how this rug felt underfoot. Currently eyeing this Agra style for our living room, it would be the perfect canvas for almost any interior style.

The entire Armadillo collection is highly refined and minimalistic, which is actually the toughest style to hunt for. Quality really takes center stage. I’m particularly impressed with their commitment to producing ethically as the first certified B Corp rug maker in the US and Australia. Designing with natural elements leads to healthier environments and supporting brands with sustainability as a core mission is something I’m really passionate about. 

I had the pleasure of visiting the stunning new Armadillo showroom here in San Francisco recently and it was such a treat to experience all their gorgeous designs in person. Highly recommend a visit! 

PS — In case you’re eyeing anything on their site, use code THERESE10 for a little discount.

The New Armadillo Showroom on Sacramento Street 

I have yet to fully dive in and share more about this primary suite renovation since a lot of big life changes happened this past year! It’s also an incredibly vast topic and the more I think about it, the reason I’ve found it daunting to share on IG is instant snappy before-and-after reels do not cut it when there is just so much thought around what goes into every design decision. I’d like more of what I create to live in long form content so it can be slowly digested and fully appreciated. And although I’ve learned to lean into it and have a little more fun, video is also not my forte. I know I say this often but I am really hoping to get back into sharing more on this platform, I’ve really missed it!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

This post was created in partnership with Armadillo.